Monday, July 11, 2011

Shabby chic living rooms (2)

This is a second part of shabby chic living rooms, here you can find the first one.

If you imagine shabby chic living room to be overcrowded with details and flower pattern, this may come as a surprise. The living room bellow is so bright, crisp, cozy and natural, just amazing. I love violet ghost chair, it works so well in this space!

Such a bright space in next living room. The ladder style shelves are just gorgeous, it's great that they make the space look wider.

High ceiling and open space are perhaps the best features of this living room, but furniture and details are absolutely divine!

In this photo we can see a nice example of how a painting helped this space look shabby chic. It doesn't have to be distressed furniture, walls and paintings could make that kind of a texture, too.

If I should use only two words to describe this shabby chic living room it would be "mismatched" and "cozy". Such a great space, with excellent details. Wall decor is a great idea, and basically makes this room shabby.

Next living room is a combination of shabby chic and bohemian, but first of all it is just - WOW! Do I even need to explain why? I don't think so. *.*

Friday, July 1, 2011

Shabby chic hallways

Here are some great shabby chic hallways, I hope you'll like them! :)

The re purposed paddle is such an excellent idea. But, don't get stuck on it, there are plenty other things to use the same way. Drifted wood, old wooden planks, old headboards... come to mind.

Simple and clear is also very nice, have a look at this hallway. :)

Combination of white walls and furniture with natural wooden details such as baskets make this space look so calm and natural. (And look at how cute this little guy is!)

This is not a hallway (although it could be!), but a very nice detail. Decor on walls is shabby and so, so cheap (old newspapers!).