Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shabby chic and vintage kitchens

Probably the best way to enjoy your tea and cookies would be if it was served in an adorable vintage shabby chic kitchen.

Check this list of great "not your grandma's flower printed" shabby chic kitchens.

Although this is not exactly my favorite type of kitchen, this blue shabby chic / vintage / country style kitchen is a real eye candy.
shabby chic country style blue kitchen

Here is a detail of a shabby chic kitchen. I like that there are no cupboards on the wall, it's so light, looks great, and also seems to be very practical. After you wash your dishes you can immediately put them to their place to dry. Another great point is that it is very cheap to achieve this look in your own kitchen, much cheaper than a conventional kitchen cupboards.
shabby chic kitchen detail

I really like how this distressed vintage cabinet looks like *.* ! Also, the wire shelf above it is excellent. This is a fine example of a cross style between shabby chic and bohemian, very nice.
shabby chic kitchen distressed vintage cabinet

Grey works absolutely great in this otherwise white and brown shabby chic kitchen! The lamp makes it all that much more special. :)

Wow! Look at how a little bucket of paint could make such a great difference! The lime green chairs really pushed this kitchen to another dimension of awesome. If you have a nice kitchen, but there's still something missing, maybe you could try painting one wall or your chairs? For shabby chic style pastel shades work especially well. Also, don't forget to add some details in the same or similar color (like plates, pots, jars...).

This is a fairly simple kitchen (with great view from the sink!), but a sea green shelf makes a great difference. This look is cheap and easy to make your own, too. However, notice that all other details are consistent with the look, like the vintage inspired coffee maker.

The light in this kitchen is so great. Furniture is simple and elegant, it shouldn't be a big problem to make this kitchen yours. Chairs are great, too, and they're really easy to make for cheap. I have one practical complaint though; I guess that the pans hanging above the stove could become pretty dirty because of all the steam from cooking.

This is a gorgeous primitive / shabby chic kitchen. It's simple and rustical, and the cabinet is just amazing! Maybe this look has gone a bit far, but there are few elements that could fit in some other shabby chic spaces, like the little cupboard or the cabinet.

I saved my favorite for the end! :)
I absolutely love how elegant, but not too fancy, this vintage shabby kitchen is! I like when the space is a bit less crowded with furniture, and this seems just about right. Oh, and the details! <3

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