Friday, June 3, 2011

Home decor disaster - Bedroom

Here is one pretty terrible master bedroom. Take a good look. What are the first few ugly things you have spotted?

Was it bad cover, curtains and carpet?
Now try to find few really beautiful things on the pic. OK, at least one. I'd say that this bed frame is really nice.

So, we start our work from here. If we decide to stick with this bed frame, first we have to decide if we leave it as is, or paint it over. I do like the color and the rustic feel, so I decide to leave it as is. Next, we have to decide on a color scheme for the rest of the room. I'd like if the dark brown rustic charm would pop up in new design, so I'm going to do a (off) white color scheme with splashes of dark brown.

First, we need to change that awful afghan with some nice white bedding. Something like this:

Next, change those awful thick curtains with something brisk white and light, and if possible made out of natural fabrics (cotton, flax):

The carpet looks like vomit, so we should change it to. Also, if you have beautiful wooden floors, why not show them of? It's much nicer than covering floor with the carpet from wall to wall. Beige carpet on wooden floors would be great.

Now, take care of the details. Repaint the painting frames to same dark brown as the bed frame. Remove the basket. Add few white throw pillows of same design as the bedding on the armchair.

To complete the rustic and natural look of your bedroom try adding few more characteristic details, such as dark brown rustic chest in the bottom of the bed.

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