Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cheap home decor - shabby chic kitchens

I wrote about shabby chic kitchens few days ago, so I thought it would be nice to list few really cheap shabby chic decors for kitchens. You can find many shabby chic decorations in thrift shops or on flea markets.

1. Cute and miss matched tea cups, plates, etc.. They would cost you few bucks, and maybe you even have them on hand. :)

2. Spices, jams, spaghetti... in nice glass jars. Imagine these on some wooden open shelves.

3. Vintage signs as wall decor.

4. Fresh flowers, fruit.

5. Distressed furniture or decor.

6. Wall paint. Choose white or soft pastel colors like beige, pale teal, pale lime green, pale mustard, etc. Grey and distressed black are also fine, if applied to smaller surfaces, like one wall.

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