Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home decor disaster - Living room

Here comes another home decor disaster. Last week we had one horrible bedroom, and this week this overcrowded living room.

Look at this beautiful large window and tons of natural sun light! Oh, that sofa is so gorgeous. But, plastic on the floor, clutter, furniture just dumped around the room without any logical order... ? What is going on in there?

This could be a 0$ remake from absolute gross to wow!

First, remove the clutter (toys from sofa, cherubim, there are four porcelain torsos on the table - maybe one of the two white ones could stay, but that's it!).

Next, for god's sake, remove this plastic from your floor! Ugh!

Now, lets make some more logical order. Place sofas one against each other, coffee table in the middle, side table to the side... you catch my drift. :)

Huh, it's already much better, but if we invest few dollars it could be even better. OK, what about the lamps? Aren't they a bit too much? One possibility is to paint over them, so at least they won't be brass. Another possibility is buying new, more elegant lamps.

How about refreshing the walls with some more sophisticated color? Like light grey? White?

Wow, you'd need exactly 1 day to make this place look *great*! Seriously, what are the owners doing with their space??

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