Thursday, June 9, 2011

Traditional home design - Bedrooms

Another word for traditional could be classic. Here I'll list some traditional bedrooms, with clear lines, not overcrowded with details and furniture, with lots of natural light, and elegant design. I also took good care to find bedrooms fit for both genders, so I hope you'll find this list useful.

This simple and cozy blue white bedroom achieved this feel with lots of beautiful details such as fabrics (wool pillows!), books, lamp. Bed has such great lines. Floors are a bit bold choice, but they came up so great!

Next bedroom feels so warm and cozy, but it's still very spacious. Brick wall + carpet + dark wood in contrast to huge windows and white walls make such a harmonious space.

Such serene and elegant space is pulled up with a pale teal color scheme. Details are gorgeous, too.

Window benches are one of my favorite things in home design. Here it's incorporated so well. The whole bedroom is elegant, chic and spacious. Off white and grey color scheme works great for this space.

I would like to change so much in this bedroom - curtains, wallpapers, lamps... . But, I thought I'd share it anyway, mostly to show these gorgeous cabinets! They make this bedroom have somewhat an oriental feel to it.
Again I left my favorite bedroom for the end. :)
Although I'm more fan of dark brown pieces in white space, this is absolutely amazing! So simple and natural, really beautiful traditional / primitive / elegant bedroom.

If you like this style, check out these traditional style bathrooms.

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