Monday, June 13, 2011

Shabby chic bathrooms

Bathroom is my favorite room in the house. I like spacious bathrooms with lots of natural light. Here are some shabby chic bathrooms that work great for me. :)

First, here is a shabby chic / bohemian bathroom. It's so romantic, and I could imagine some steamy hot baths in this place! The details are great, and so inspiring for my own bathroom.

Unusual coral/blue color scheme works so great for this space. I couldn't start listing what is it all that I like about this picture - the bath tub, simple and elegant details (pressed leafs), or the oh-so-gorgeous cabinet! The wallpaper on the cabinet really pulled the space together, and this could be a great tip for your own space.

So elegant, even if you try to imagine it without all the photo-shoot details, this bathroom owns it's elegance mostly to this soft powder beige color scheme. Lots of natural light makes it look fresh, but also romantic.

Blue, and all shades of blue, are such a common choice for a bathroom. Yet, this shade of blue (or green!) just screams "shabby chic!", details are so gorgeous, and the whole space looks like a postcard!

Now, an example of crisp & fresh shabby chic bathroom. Although, it also has elements of traditional style bathrooms, the tiles and some other details are so shabby chic on their own, so I decided to put it here.

Maybe it's a bit crowded, but it's crowded with such fantastic furniture, that I don't even mind! :) This bathroom is so chic & elegant, that I'm not really sure could I call it shabby at all. The towel cabinet is a dream!

I really like when dark brown furniture pops up like this in otherwise white space. This ladder shelf is so beautiful, and practical for bathrooms. I think the shelf could work just as good in other colors, depending what you'd like to achieve in your bathroom. Altogether, this is a school example of shabby chic bathroom.

Another nice, spacious bathroom with lots of natural light.

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