Friday, June 10, 2011

Cheap home decor - candle holders

Trying to think of cheap candle holders? Maybe make it yourself candle holders? Well, I hope this list of cheap or easy to make handle holders ideas will help you!

1. Old bottles can be used as chic candle holders. Finding some vintage bottles would be even better!

2. Old miss matched glasses or tea cups can be great as tea-light candle holders.

3. Old jam jars can be used as tea-light holders. You can even make them prettier with rice paper, decoupage... .

4. You can also make a hanging jar for tea-lights.

5. Old metal cookie molds can be used as tea-light holders.

6. If you have any power tools you could try making some wooden candle holders. They look very natural. You could also try paint something on the wood.

7. For floating candles you can use plates, bowls, glasses or aquariums. Add some fresh flowers, too. You could also put some river stones on the bottom.

8. Use old tin cans as candle holders. You can punch them to create some nice decor. Place the empty tin on a pillow filled with rice and punch it using hammer and a nail.

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