Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shabby chic bedrooms

Maybe after browsing through tons of shabby chic bedrooms you found out that it is not so easy to come up with a shabby chic bedroom that isn't too girlie. Here's a list of shabby chic bedrooms I consider to have answered to that problem. In it's essence, shabby chic is romantic and feminine, and so are this rooms, but I think that in these examples it's dosed reasonably.

This bedroom is an example of bohemian *and* crisp shabby chic bedroom. Natural light is so uplifting, and distressed table and cabinet give charm to this bedroom.

If your bedroom is your sanctuary, you'll like how quirky and eccentric, beautiful and amazing next shabby chic / boho bedroom is! *.*

I love how dark brown furniture pops up in otherwise white space, just like in this bedroom. It makes it look exotic, fresh and so gorgeous. Maybe a little bit of curtain overdose, but all in all just perfect!

This next (shabby) chic bedroom is a bit girlie, BUT if you try to imagine it without the dress and few other details, I'm sure it could work for guys as well.

I like how simple next room is, it looks so peaceful and calming. Although it's on a shabby side of shabby chic, it's also elegant and romantic.

This vintage inspired bedroom looks so great on its own. It's very easy to change details to add some pops of different colors, because the room already has a well rounded color scheme (map, curtains, wall...).

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