Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traditional home design - Living rooms

In home decor I like more natural materials, natural light, open spaces... . It's great when space is all that and cozy & intimate, all in one.
Here are some living rooms that could fit this description.

In this white-beige-marine blue living room I'd remove some of the details. Color scheme makes this place intimate and open. Removing the armchair (maybe to the other side of the room) and the pillar with vase would do the trick for me. This is great design for beach houses with traditional home design.

In next black & white living room I really love most of the furniture pieces; writing desk in corner is so lovely, the coffee table is very beautiful,... , but I'd also change some things (wall tattoo, fabric on ottoman is a bit too much for my taste).

The wall color (between mustard and pastel lime) works really well for this huge space. This traditional living room has a bohemian feel to it (miss matched furniture, carper, wall color, details). I'm in love with that bookshelf!

In next pic we don't see much, but my guess is that we see the best of it - brick fireplace and huge windows! These are the key points of this place, and it's highlighted so well. Usually I don't like glass coffee tables much, but this works great for the space.

Stone floors, fireplace and wood lend this gorgeous space a natural / primitive feel. Other furniture and detail complete the look.

So much natural light fills this gorgeous off white living room. Light teal, pastel yellow and brown are great choice for the color scheme.

Such a serene space, this living room has a beach house feel, but not too highlighted. It's like you could guess there's a beach nearby, but there are no obvious details (ropes, starfishes, blue stripes etc.). I love the stripes, and even consider painting my own living room this way. Wide horizontal stripes make the space extended and more serene, while vertical stripes may be a little bit overwhelming (they would work better in huge spaces).

This living room is so chic and elegant, spacious and with lots of natural light coming from those huge windows. Look at the great details - golden side table is such a gem. Floors are amazing.

Calm and cozy living room with great color scheme (grey, teal).

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