Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shabby chic living rooms

Shabby chic living rooms are so cozy. My favorite ones are on bit more shabby side of shabby chic, but not too crowded with details and furniture. Hope you'll like them, too! :)

This shabby chic living room is filled with natural light. It also has a boho / primitive feel to it. This comes mostly from details, such as stone table, clay jars and ethnic fabrics. All in all, a very pleasant space. :)

Next living room is vintage inspired, reminds of the 60's and 70's decor. A very bold choice for color scheme worked really well. Also, here's a great idea for some interesting and cheap seating - painted wooden chucks. They're easy to make and customizable for your own space.

We've seen distressed furniture making a huge impact before - distressed cabinets, tables... - but, I haven't been seeing this one so often; a distressed armchair. Very nice touch. Also, the wall has such a great texture.

Most of shabby chic living rooms have white sofas, and it's so refreshing to see this grey shabby chic living room. Also, notice the distressed cabinet, wow! And how chic is that mirror.

The old-paint-effect on these walls makes this living room so special. Everything is combined so well, and the details are just amazing.

Joining living room and dining room often results in absolutely amazing spaces, and this for sure is one of them. The color scheme makes this space a calm, natural-looking and cozy sanctuary. Off white, black and grey cover larger areas such as floor, walls, furniture..., and green and brown in details make such nice harmony. Both pics are of the same space, from different angles.

Next shabby chic living room features some clear lines, natural wooden surfaces, natural light and crisp grey blue details. We could say it's a combination of shabby chic and Scandinavian decor. Simple, natural and clear.

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