Monday, June 6, 2011

Traditional home design - Kitchens

Traditional kitchens are one of my favorite styles. Here are few elegant classic kitchens, I hope you'll enjoy these kitchen designs.

First kitchen has elements of classic and contemporary design. It's open with lots of useful add-ons that make it very practical. This kitchen has black furniture and white floors, the design is very clear, functional and modern with classic elements.

This is very interesting black furniture with metal border. This kitchen is a mixed style of traditional and industrial chic (which I *love* so much!).

Third kitchen also has black furniture, but it's yet another style. This time it's a cross style of traditional and country style.

This off white kitchen with black counters is mixed style of traditional and shabby chic.

Next comes a pale gray / blue kitchen filled with natural sunlight. I like the open shelves and vintage details.

Such a warm and cozy space is this light filled pale butter-cream / white kitchen. Looks so cheerful.

I adore just about anything in this kitchen - so much open space, natural light, gorgeous ceiling, floor... an, oh my! the bar chairs! I'm in love! :)
(You'll find out on this blog that I really adore white spaces with dark brown highlights.)

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