Sunday, June 5, 2011

Amazing exterriors (Gardens, porchs, terraces, verandas)

Here's a selection of few really great exterior design. Although this blog is mainly about interior home design, we can not forget about the exterior, too.

We'll start with spaces that could still be considered interior - verandas. Those beautiful rooms, that combine all the best virtues of closed and opened spaces.

Color scheme in this veranda is light grey and white. It's bit small, but just about right for the furniture on it.

This huge living room and veranda are a great example of harmonious flow from living room to veranda. It's evident that the veranda furniture is for exterior use, but there are some elements that are picked up from living room. The flow is achieved easily by using same pattern on the pillows.

This is basically a summer kitchen, but it could be used as veranda, too.

Now, we go on with exterior home design. First, a verdant garden. Brick wall and green roof make it all that much better.

Stone walls, massive wood, adorable seating, cute wooden chairs... all of these make this exterior so gorgeous! :)

Finally, we have a classic Provence / Toscana / wine county exterior home design.

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