Monday, September 17, 2012

Small spaces - Kitchens with open top shelves

In few days my partner and me will start adapting a small apartment, just bedroom, bathroom and one bigger room for kitchen, dining and living. When designing interior for small apartments, you really need to take care not to overcrowd it. That's why I decide that our kitchen is going to have open top shelves instead of cabinets. Here are some examples to inspire you.

This kitchen only has the bottom cabinets, and I'm still considering this option, because I like how clear and open it looks. Also, wall is covered with glass instead of tiles. That's also our decision for the kitchen (we'll use simple walls covered with waterproof paint), because we think that any pattern on the wall would make it look smaller.
Here, is a bit more shabby chic kitchen with open top shelves. Look at the lights! I'll have something similar in my new kitchen.
This one is a school example of white shabby chic kitchen. Shelves are miss matched and painted white, on white wooden wall.
Next comes more modern kitchen, a very small kitchen, and open shelves work so great in it. It's tidy, practical and gorgeous!
This is rustic / Scandinavian / shabby style kitchen. Fridge is cleverly hidden behind wooden screen.
In this kitchen top shelf is mostly used for decoration, but it's still very neat and practical kitchen all in all. I love the fun details!
Open shelves are easy to organize, but there's a down side also. You must be tidy all times, the shelves are exposed, and their function is not only storage any more, it's also decorative.

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