Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cheap home decor - coffee tables and side tables

Do we really need to use coffee tables for coffee tables? I'll tell you a secret - I really, really do not like classic coffee tables, they're huge, they're clumsy, and we collect so much rubbish on, in and around them. Well, here are some alternatives to use as your coffee table. These all could be found objects (so the cost would be 0$), or second hand find.

1. Old drums. Sounds crazy, right? Well, this particular solution for side table made me write this post in the first place. i think it looks just great!
2. Old wine barrels. I know you're used to seeing this stuff in rural ambient taverns and similar spaces, but there are also barrels of  smaller size that could work great in living rooms. You can also find small wine barrels with closed top.
3. Old wooden crates. Here are two examples of this cheap do-it-yourself idea, that's also eco-friendly.
4. Old trunks. You can even keep some things inside the trunk, but make sure it's not something you need often, because it's a bit tiring to remove all the stuff from the top of the trunk every day just to get your pen or something.
5. Natural wood. Logs can be used as coffee table or side table. You can keep them natural, as in the first picture, or paint them to match you design, as seen in second picture.
6. Pile of magazines. Yes, it can not work for everyone, but I thought to share it, just in case someone can pull this out in their home. Old books could be used in similar manner.
7. Timber coffee tables. If you're crafty enough you can make your own timber coffee table for just a  few bucks. They look well in traditional and shabby chic interiors, but also could work in some modern interiors.
8. Old doors. Recycled old doors can make beautiful coffee tables. Just check this out.
9. You can always remake an existing coffee table. And..

10. You can combine few different coffee tables, for example - old trunk and a few logs. That looks nice.

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