Friday, September 14, 2012

Wooden interiors - floors, walls and ceiling

Not everybody is crazy about wood. Yes, it can be very horrible, and a real nightmare for new house owners. But, here are some examples where I find wood on walls, floors and ceiling just amazing. Maybe it'll help you embrace your own wooden interior.

In this picture we have wooden panels on walls, refreshed with white and grey paint. Shabby wooden floor works so great in contrast with clear lines and surfaces.

On this walls wide wooden planks are used, and painted off white. It's a cheap solution and looks very rustic / primitive, just about right to balance vintage elegant furniture.

Here's one great shabby chic interior with wooden floors and walls. Now, this would look completely different if the wall wasn't painted white. We can see a very bold choice for the floor paint, but it worked very well, and created more interesting space. Good thing with this is that you can easily go back - if the stripes didn't work they could just paint the brown stripes white.

In this modern design wooden wall is used as accent. Floors are also wooden, but the pattern is very different, so you can see that wood patterns do not have to match in interior. The wood chips on the wall are of the same grey color and length, but their depth is different so they create an interesting pattern on the walls.
Next is white shabby chic living room with wooden floors, walls and ceiling. All wood is painted white, and the room is filled with white furniture. Wooden spaces can sometimes seem very tight and maybe even claustrophobic, so white color pattern is a choice to go.
Now, to prove the opposite, in this room wood covers one huge wall and floors, but it's painted dark brown. Here it works very well to create a warm and elegant modern living room. However, this wouldn't be possible without lots of bright white surfaces and cleverly positioned lights.
Modern design can be achieved with wood, too. In this picture we see a minimalist living room with wooden floors, walls and ceiling. The choice for wood is natural plywood. It looks very simple and clean.
Ma favorite in this round is this shabby / bohemian white living room with wooden floors, walls and ceiling. I like elegant details like chandelier, just as much as quirky ones like the painting of old lady on the wall.

With wood we can achieve just any look we want - classic, modern, shabby, bohemian, traditional, country... . It's so versatile, and it's up to us to try and see the beauty in it, especially if you have one of these outdated wooden walls. I hope this will inspire you to take the brush and a can of white paint, and remake / refresh / update your living room, too.

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  1. Wooding furniture adds grace to home interior and your ideas of ceiling and Interior Painting with wooden floors are very impressive.